A promotional coupon is an electronically generated coupon code by Fishinda that is only applicable for acquisitions on the website or in the Fishinda application. Customers can be provided with printed or electronic coupons as well.

When purchasing goods with promotional coupons, customers receive certain discounts as described on the coupon. Conditions and limitations apply as indicated in the campaign. 

One coupon can be used for one purchase only even if the value of the coupon is higher than the value of the purchase because the coupon becomes invalid right after the first use.
Even if the value of the purchase is lower than the value indicated on the coupon, there is no cash back provided.  

Coupons cannot be exchanged for products or cash.

To use a promotional coupon for your purchase insert the code into the field COUPON CODE below the product list in the cart. If the code is valid and you have entered it correctly the total amount will be recalculated and the new total amount will appear on the screen. 
If an order that has been placed by the user and has been finalized gets canceled for any reason within 30 days from the day of the delivery, the coupon received for the purchase will no longer be valid, the coupon code will not be usable for purchases.